Saturday, March 5, 2016

{solsc} Special to Me #sol16

The March Slice of Life Challenge
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"Auntie, you are special to me. Love, Kylie"
This picture came up in my Facebook feed today. She wrote this to me when she was in first grade. She's twelve now.  I have to be honest. I wish she was still six. She couldn't wait to get to my house, calling on Thursday so that we could make a list of all the things we would do during her bi-weekly weekend visits. 

The visits are spread further apart now, as friends start to become more central to her world.  She doesn't call to make a plan anymore.  But this morning as we sat on the loveseat, her head leaning on my shoulder, watching episodes of Project Runway Junior I'd saved since her last visit, I was more focused on the moment.  These glimpses of the "little" girl are cherished moments. I know that I'm still special to her. I also understand that the eye rolls when I say silly things that used to make her laugh are just a part of her growing up. I understand. I don't like it. But I understand. 

And I'm thankful for all the time I've poured into her life so far, because that bond will be an anchor for both of us over the next few years of navigating the middle school years. 

She's special to me too, as are all of my nieces and nephews. I'm so grateful God chose me to be their Auntie.


  1. What a wonderful slice. I can imagine you sitting together and pondering about the growth change and how lucky for you both, you understand there are different waters to navigate.

  2. Those Facebook feeds from the past can really send you spiraling down memory lane, can't they? You, your niece and your nephew are so lucky to have such a close relationship. That note is a treasure!

  3. the relationship between a child and her auntie is special indeed! navigating these teen years is no joke, but it sounds like you two will always be special to one another.

  4. So sweet! I love that 6 year old writing. I hate the growing up part, although of course it's as it should be. Just hard to let go of all that loving affection so freely given!

  5. Love that sweet note. What fun to "go back in time"! I love that my girls are 5 (almost 6), and I tell them I'm going to keep them 5 forever. They laugh and say it can't happen. But even as all the kids grow up, the special relationships and bonds are what keep you close. So glad you captured it here.

  6. It is so touching to have children send sweet notes during childhood and then watch them grow up. We found some of my children's notes recently. The transition from childhood to adulthood seems like a quick snapshot in time. I often wonder where the time went.

  7. What precious writing from your 6 year old niece! You are so lucky to have her in your life. Very sweet slice.