Friday, July 1, 2016

Poetry Friday~Possibilities

Today I finished part one of the National Writing Project through the Southern Maine Writing Project. This has been a stretching journey for me but one I am so grateful I did. I'm sharing my first real attempt at poetry here today, both as a celebration of completing this part of the journey, but also to push myself to make my writing more public.  This piece was first sparked by an activity we did on the first day of the writing project, where we were asked to choose an item from a table that sparked a memory based on the smell.  I chose a box of crayons. 


September brings a
    brand new box.
Each created for a specific purpose
    waiting with anticipation
        for the artist to tap
           into their creative uniqueness.

A rainbow of possibilities….

The artist’s understanding of the
    medium will be essential.
Pushed too hard, they break;
   held too gently, they may not
            reach their potential.

Mixing and matching
     the kaleidoscope of variant colors
The artist will meld the bold, the vibrant
      with the muted and delicate
Uncovering the subtle shades of
      individualistic greatness
All the while creating a sense of iridescent harmony.

A rainbow of possibilities.

I created the digital piece using Canva.