Wednesday, March 9, 2016

{solsc} Glorious! #sol16

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I stepped out of the school building this afternoon, anxious to see if the weatherperson had forecasted the day correctly. March weather in Maine has a reputation for being persnickety, often times feeling like the excess baggage of winter.  So when the long range forecast indicated highs in the high 60s today, I did not get my hopes up. I mean, it's only the 9th day of March.  No way could we possibly see temperatures that high this soon.

Well, we didn't have highs in the high 60s. No. The weatherperson got it wrong. Again. Instead we had a high of 75.  Yep. You read that right. 75 degrees on March 9, 2016 in Maine.  I wasted no time getting to my car, popping open my sunroof, and starting home. As I started the 35 minute commute, my mind was busy rearranging my after school plans. The prep work for Friday's professional day was moved several rungs down the priority ladder, as going for a walk quickly moved to the top!

What a glorious afternoon! Usually I'm trying to keep a swift pace as I walk but not today. Instead I meandered through the cemetery across from my house, breathing in the warm fresh air, listening to the birds and taking in the early spring smell of mud.  As I returned home, I admit, the weather  really got the better of me.  I went right out to the pool shed to pull out the grill. Yep. First grilled meal of the season.  And since I'd already gone that far...I topped this glorious glimpse of what's to come with a trip to get an ice cream.

I know this weather won't last. I know there's a really good chance Winter will make it's presence known again before Spring finally takes hold for good. But this one day, holding out a carrot of what's to come, was a welcome distraction in my otherwise ridiculously busy schedule.

It won't be long now, my friend! 


  1. Oh so lovely! Me too. I left work on time today instead of hours later like usual. I took Alex and Megan to the playground. It wasn't as warm here as 75 degrees but spring was positively in the air. Loved this post!

  2. Sun roof OPEN all the day! A VERY long walk with the dog, but no ice cream for me - boo!

  3. It reached 80 here today in Pennsylvania. It was fun to watch the kids gleefully abandon their jackets before going out for recess. I rode home with the sunroof open!

  4. We had the same weather, too - glorious in New Jersey!

  5. Up and down the east coast we are having this surprise early spring! You are right, let's enjoy!

  6. So glad that you reshuffled those priorities,took advantage of the weather and got a walk, a grilled dinner, and best of all, an ice cream! I was sadly stuck in a meeting until shortly after 5 pm.

  7. what a lovely day! that is fairly normal for Texas at this time of year, but we are getting warm and WET. I'm about ready to build an ark. ;) enjoy!

  8. Wow-a tale of two states! We had a nice day, but nothing close to 75! My ride home said 50. This weather is wreaking havoc on our maple syrup season. Sorry if I'm the only one hoping for colder nights!