Friday, April 1, 2011

A Dog's Way Home

A Dog's Way Home
Dog's Way Homeby Bobbie Pyron
Katherine Tegan Books (Publisher)
Copyright Date 2011
Recommended Ages: 8-12
Review copy from my classroom library

Eleven year old  Abby knows that Tam, her Shetland sheepdog, is her north star, and she's pretty certain she's his, too. But when an accident separates Abby and Tam, it feels as though all the stars have fallen out of the sky and nothing will ever be right again. As the days between them turn to weeks, then months, dangers and changes fill up Abby's and Tam's lives. Will they ever find their way home to each other?

Okay, I'm going reveal something about myself that until now, only those very close to me have known.  I am not really a dog person.  Actually, I'm not really an animal person.  So just that fact that I'm talking about this book should clue you in to just how great this story is!

Bobbie Pyron's debut novel appears to have a very simple plot on the surface:  girl loves dog; girl loses dog; dog tries to get back to girl; girl tries to find dog.   But don't be fool...Pyron's writing talent gives the read so much more!   The story switches back and forth between  Abby and her dog Tam, each fighting to get back to the other.  The voices of these two characters are so realistic in my opinion. When you think about the fact that one of the main characters is a dog, that's not an easy thing to accomplish! I could not put the book down, often reading with a pounding heart as I rooted for Tam through some extremely dangerous situations.   I loved Abby just as much!  Her spunk, good nature, and determination were endearing.

Reminiscent of Lassie Come Home and The Incredible Journey, A Dog's Way Home is so perfect for middle readers.  It has a perfect mix of danger, family drama, friendship issues, nature, and more.  I won my autographed copy over at Linda Benson's blog! Yay! Love free books!  Not surprisingly, since I book talked it last week hasn't been on the shelf. In fact the "waiting list" is so long, I've ordered two more copies!   I, for one, am looking forward to reading more from librarian Bobbie Pyron!
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