Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Book A Day Challenge

Anyone who knows me, I mean really knows me, knows that I love a good challenge!  I don't always have to be successful at the challenge...although it's nice...but trying to conquer something really motivates me.   I make all kinds of  'challenges' with myself.  Since moving from the kindergarten classroom three years ago, I always feel like I am  playing catch up when it comes to being well read for the fourth/fifth grade classroom.   So when I received Donalyn Miller's latest blog post in my inbox, I was more than excited!  I won't go into the benefits of helping your students make summer reading plans. Donalyn does that superbly in her post and I couldn't agree more!   I am a firm believer that modeling for your students is key so as I help my students make plans for their reading this summer, I plan on rising to the challenge of reading a book a day this summer...and blogging about what I am reading.  My plan is to tackle some the Newbery Award titles I haven't read, keep up with the latest 2010 publications, and really focus on some graphic novels (a blog post about my recent learning on that subject is in the works) that I will be using to teach comprehension strategies with my fifth graders next year.  You can view my TBR shelf here.   It's not too late to join the challenge...blogging isn't required!  You can read picture books, middle reader/YA books, professional books, or adult books.  It really doesn't matter...the point is to read!  Did I mention I am also challenging myself to write  everyday this summer?  More about that to come.  Told you I love a challenge!  Here is my first contribution to the Book A Day Challenge!

Jacket Description (from The Book Maven's copy)  As Hare races through the day, poor Tortoise can barely keep up.  But when it's time to bounce into bed, Hare is no longer in such a hurry.  What could possibly make Hare want to hurry up, then slow down?  Some things just are not meant to be rushed.

Children who are familiar with the classic fable The Tortoise and the Hare will see the same characteristics in the two friends in this whimsically illustrated picture book by Layn Marlow.  A story that highlights the differences between the energetic Hare and the more cautious Tortoise made me smile as I thought of the parallels to children I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.   The illustrations are very kid friendly with terrific details. I love the message the ending brings...to slow down and enjoy the experience of reading together.   With limited text on each page, Marlow manages to tell a simple, solid story with extremely different, yet very likable characters. This book makes a wonderful read aloud or bedtime story.  It could also be used with older children as a mentor text for teaching dialogue or could be written as a Reader's Theater script for fluency practice.


  1. Looking forward to having you as part of our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge.

  2. Good luck on your reading and writing challenges this summer. It will be fun to see your posts!

  3. What a great way to begin your summer, with challenges! Good luck and don't beat yourself up if you miss a few, remember this is summer!

  4. Its interesting and helpful book for family. I would like to read it in my weekend.