Thursday, June 3, 2010

48 Hour Book Challenge

With the school year winding down, I am looking forward to a relaxing summer, which of course I hope will include lots of reading!    I have a very large To Be Read (TBR) shelf that I am hoping to make a dent in!  I came across Mother Reader's 48 Hour Book Challenge a few weeks ago and thought it would be the perfect time to get started.   I have been wanting to participate in something like this for a few years and have learned that there is no "good time" so I am just jumping in with both feet and will see what happens!  My plan is to start tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m.  and end on Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m.  I know there will be some interruptions...I mean I will need to sleep and eat at least! 

Here are the books I plan to tackle  during the Book Challenge:

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
The Birthday Ball by Lois Lowry
Spilling Ink: A Young Writer's Handbook by Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer
Killer Pizza by Greg Taylor
The Blue Shoe: A Tale of Thievery, Villiany, Sorcery, and Shoes by Rodrick Townley
The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau
A Nest for Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of Home by Henry Cole
As Easy As Falling Off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins
Countdown by Deborah Wiles
Alive in the Killing Fields: Surviving Khmer Rouge Genocide by Nawuth Keat and Martha Kendall
Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles
The Capture by Kathryn Lasky
Artemis Fowl #1 by Eoin Colfer
A Season of Gifts by Richard Peck
The Mysterious Howling (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place) by Maryrose Wood

That's 15 books I hope to move from the TBR pile to the READ pile this weekend!  Have you read any of the books on my list?  Do you have a title you think I just have to add?  I would love to hear from you!

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