Friday, February 19, 2010

And so the journey begins....

I have been toying with this idea of blogging for some time now. It took some gentle nudging from a former student, who felt that the passion I have for teaching and literacy was worth sharing with a larger audience, to finally get me to take the leap! So many questions are running through my mind. Do I have anything to say that others will want to hear? Where do I even begin? Will I be the only reading?

You may be wondering what you will find here. I am not quite sure yet but I have some ideas. I want to share my love of teaching...the privilege I have every day of making a difference in the lives of my students. I am particularly passionate about helping children become life-long readers. I want to help them become members of that often elusive 'Literacy Club' that Frank Smith speaks so eloquently about.

Isn't connecting children with books they actually want to read a key ingredient? To make that happen, teachers have to not only know their students but they have to also know about the books and authors their students are reading. They have to be readers of those books...and that is exactly what I strive to do everyday. And so here I will share what I am reading and how I am helping connect students with books! I will share not only children's books I am reading, but also professional books pertaining specifically to literacy as well.

Who knows where this blogging journey will take me...I just hope I don't find myself journeying alone!


  1. I stalk your blog! I rarely comment on any blogs, but I wanted to say hi :)

  2. I look forward to participating on this journey with you, Book Maven. I can't wait to read more! It is so nice to meet other people who are so passionate about literacy (and a new blogger, too). Best wishes as you chart this new territory!