Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

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Here's a look at what I've been up to over the past TWO weeks. I'm in the midst of reading titles being considered for the 2013-2014 Maine Student Book Award List. One would think that having already read over 140 possible titles, I wouldn't have many left to read on the "short list" but would be wrong. ;-)  And of course there are the newly published 2013 titles that keep taunting me! So, I'm reading a mix of 2012 and 2013 titles because...well...those who know me well know that I'm just not that patient!

 Picture Books I Read

Bill over at Literate Lives gave me a heads up on this fantastic picture book!  This is a wonderful book about the power of storytelling. Mr. Zinger and Leo create a story together one afternoon, and in the process Leo discovers the storyteller inside himself. This one would be perfect for  teaching students about how stories develop or when talking about how unexpected behaviors of characters may change a story.

Okay...I am now a Squish fan! In his second book he  learns to conquer his fear of the dark - and other scary things. Katherine Battersby's books are simple and meaningful and wonderful for reading aloud with the younger set.
This is an older title that my public children's librarian, Deanna ( @LibraryDee ) shared with me! This is SO fun! Frank was a monster who wanted to dance. "I know I could boogie if they gave me a chance!" I can just envision kids laughing hysterically as this adorably funny old monster gets his boogie on at the theater and suddenly starts to fall apart. Fantastic read aloud!
Middle Grade Novels I Read

And the wait is over!!!! Jennifer Nielsen does NOT disappoint in Book #2! The mystery, adventure, and betrayal continue as King Jaron/Sage fights to save the kingdom of Carthya from its enemies, both outside and inside the country's boarders. Filled with lots of action and amazing dialogue, The Runaway King is guaranteed to keep readers page turning into the wee hours of the night!  I'm so thankful that Teri Lesesne ( @professornana ) shared her ARC with me!


No question the writing of this story  is beautiful. I also really enjoyed the friendship between Early & Jack...two boys both trying to find their way in a world of emotional confusion brought on by loss. Being from Maine, the setting doesn't ring true...ocean & mountain wilderness are not in close proximity. The beginning and ending were both well paced but it felt very "sloggy" (is that a word?) in the middle. I know I'll probably be in the minority but after loving Moon Over Manifest so much, I felt let down with this one.

Young Adult Novels I Read

I was completely captivated by the setting of this story and I loved the Russian influences in both the world and the language. The characters were well written, engaging, and had great depth.  I highly recommend this one for that advanced reader who loves fantasy.

I love reading books set during the WWII time period. I found this story be an thoroughly accurate portrayal  what it must have been like as a Jewish, German child being sent away from home to a foreign country . I felt the author did a wonderful job of writing in an authentic voice that reflected the natural growth of Franziska as the story progressed.   I couldn't put this one down! Loved it from beginning to end!

Books I'm Currently Reading

Books I Plan to Read This Week

So there you have it...another week of reading is in the books!
Have a fantastic week among the pages!


  1. Just so you know - I think your link at TMT is wrong. It took me to a post from December! I was surprised to see I'd already commented, and then realized it was an older post.

  2. Shadow and Bone okay for advanced MG readers? I'm always on the lookout for advanced stories with acceptable content :)

  3. Thank you for the heads up on my link Maria! I think Shadow and Bone would be fine for advanced 7th/8th grade readers. Not because of content but because of depth of storyline and Solvak language.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. Great titles! I am currently reading Center of Everything. I have not given it my full attention so I am a bit disconnected at halfway through. Can't believe I have not read The False Prince yet. So little time.

  5. How is One Came Home? I was thinking about picking it up.

  6. One Came Home and Mr. Zinger are both on my list, now I just have to find copies to read. I love your list and you don't make me feel bad about reading constantly as you must be doing the same!

    First in Maine

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. Zinger's Hat. I would carry it around and have everyone I meet read it if I could. Just such a lovely little story! Can't wait to read Runaway King. We were big fans of The False Prince in my house. Shadow and Bone is on my to read list. Love books set in this area of the world and want to add mor YA fantasy to my reading lists

  8. The Runaway King is one I have to read tonight! The Center of Everything was a bit slow, but all of Urban's books are introspective and atmospheric. Interested to see what you think of Minnie McClary.